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Health Care

Ageing is a natural process, which presents a unique challenge for all sections of the society. Although the exact definition of elderly age group is controversial, it is defined as persons with a chronological age of 65 years and above.

Doctor Consultation
Nursing Care

Legal Solutions

The legal issues that older adults face are often more critical than those problems faced by any other segment of our population. The legal issues may include income security, health care, long-term care, nutrition, housing, utilities, etc…

Legal Advice
Preparation of Legal Documents
Statutory & Compliance

Financial Solutions

Eldercarez helps aging adults maintain their independence and financial peace of mind. Our experienced fiduciaries hold our clients’ absolute trust, confidence and Executor / Personal Representative.

Financial Advisory
Investment Management
Banking Services


Your loved one deserve the affectionate Care and Love

From societal living in the early years, we moved on to joint family system later on and then on to nuclear family system that is mostly prevailing now! Changes are inevitable! Aren’t they?

However, life’s basic needs never change! Do they?

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Very happy and satisfied with the services, additionally the personalized care and attention given by the nurses should really be appreciated. I would definitely recommend

Naveen Kumar

12 Main Road

Outstanding Features

  • Perfect environment for happy and comfortable stay
  • Expert Nurses on duty round the clock
  • Proximity to City’s biggest hospital
  • Fun Activities and Live entertainment for all
  • Doctor on call 24*7
  • Customised diet plans
  • Continuous health monitoring
  • Periodic reporting to loved ones


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